Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips for your Home

With most of us spending more time at home, it is crucial to ensure that we our home environment is clean and safe. Here are some tips on what you can do daily, to keep your home clean!

Using the right disinfectants for your home
Always use the appropriate disinfectants and cleaning agents. Check the labels before use and use the products as indicated.

Keep away from children and avoid contact with your eyes and wear gloves when handling such products to protect your skin. Do not mix different products together and always use in a well-ventilated space.

For more information on cleaning agents and active ingredients, visit the NEA website or your local agency for the most updated and comprehensive list.

Cleaning Surfaces
Clean high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, handles, countertops, tables and light switches regularly and especially after you have visitors in your home. Don’t forget to clean your electronic devices regularly too! Research have shown that our mobile phones and keyboard are one of the dirties objects we come into contact with everyday.

Clean surfaces that are visibly dirty and open the windows to air your home, keeping it well ventilated.

Personal Hygiene
Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and avoid touching your face. Take showers and regularly wash your clothes and other fabrics such as towels, bedsheets and blankets in the warmest possible water setting.

Professional Disinfecting Services
Engage a professional cleaning and disinfecting service provider to give you and your loved ones a peace of mind. Here at BION Environmental, we use NEA approved disinfectants and have a track record of disinfecting homes, offices, schools and even vessels.

Give us a call at +65 8787 1338 or email us at to enquire about our disinfecting services!

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